About the Competition

This year's competition will take place on Sunday, April 28th, 2022 from 2:30PM to 6:15PM. Register your team and mark your calendars!



The competition will be held in Community School of Naples's Library/LMA. Refer to the parking map Community School's address is 13275 Livingston Road, Naples Florida, 34109.

Teams! The teams competing at this competition will be formed by South West Florida high-school students. Teams can be formed across schools and may contain up to two members. Any high-school students may register and participate in this competition.



Teams can create their solutions to problems in a variety of languages. While the encouraged language for the competition will be Java, we will also support C, C++, Javascript, and Python!
Here is a list of what you should know how to do!

Every team that signs up will receive a free T-Shirt for every member provided by our sponsors. Also, there will be prizes offered for teams who demonstrate their strong ability during the competition!



To prevent from cheating, all teams will be bound to an honor code signed the day of the competition. Also, the competition will be monitored by proctors, and Internet access on the computers used during the competition will be limited.