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Founders of the competition.

Jacob Buckheit

Jacob Buckheit

I am Jacob Buckheit. I have been interested in programming since 7th grade, and interested in computers for my entire life. I am a senior at Community School of Naples. Thanks to the support of my school, my parents, my community and my friends I have been able to make my dreams of a programming competition in Naples come true! I hope to continue this competition for many years, and each year grow and improve the computer science community in Southwest Florida.
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Craig Schwerin

My name is Craig Schwerin, a senior at Community School of Naples. I have always loved computers and have programmed ever since I took AP Computer Science as a freshman. I have competed in programming competitions for my school over years, but the problem was all these competition were several hours outside of Collier County. Jacob and I wanted a competition in our own community that would foster education and a love for computer science in our hometown of Southwest Florida. Over the years, I hope to see this competition flourish into a driving force for Southwest Florida computer students and businesses involved in the tech field.
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